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About Auralize and our courses

Auralize creates and delivers distance learning courses in music production and sound engineering to home and project studio owners worldwide. Our methods have been refined through our experience in audio education since 1986 and online since 2001.

Auralize courses are presented in video format, with emphasis on the audio content. Video material can be downloaded to keep permanently. All audio content is also provided as WAV file downloads for you to load into your digital audio workstation software and audition closely. Our courses also include web versions with embedded audio, which are available online and can be saved or printed as you wish. All course materials can be downloaded.

Our courses concentrate on the real-world problems of the home studio or small studio owner who wishes to produce work that is able to compete with the work of top professionals working in well-equipped studios at the highest standards of the industry.

Auralize works in conjunction with our sister company, Audio Masterclass, both being divisions of our parent company Imaginative Resources Ltd., based in the UK. The Auralize website also offers enrollment onto Audio Masterclass courses.

Auralize courses are all tutor-supported, meaning that purchasers can ask questions on any of the course topics to our Student Advice Team. We guarantee access to our Student Advice Team for two years from your date of purchase, and any subsequent purchase will extend your access for a further two years.

Audio Masterclass courses are also tutor-supported with a two-year period of enrollment validity, and add the important feature of assessment of your practical assignment projects leading to an Audio Masterclass certificate on successful completion. Assignments are carefully assessed by Audio Masterclass who will return a detailed response with judgments on all of the important aspects of the project, with advice where necessary on how to resolve problems and how to improve. Each project is graded with respect to professional standards, with grades counting towards the student's eventual success on the course and the award of an Audio Masterclass certificate.

Anyone considering a course with Auralize or Audio Masterclass must already have access to basic recording equipment, which need not be complex or expensive, or even permanently set up. It is also important to have a professional attitude towards music and audio, and the determination to achieve standards comparable to those of the professional industry. Although we recognize that low-quality audio is part of everyday life, particularly on the Internet, Auralize and Audio Masterclass courses work to standards comparable to high-end broadcasting, the best commercial recording studios, and the best that the media and communications industries have to offer.

All Auralize and Audio Masterclass courses are fully flexible. Students can work where and when they wish and there is no time schedule for Audio Masterclass submissions, other than the maximum course duration which is always more than enough time to complete.

We hope that you will enjoy your courses with Auralize and Audio Masterclass and that you will go on to achieve great things in whatever field of music and audio you choose.