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How you will learn from your Auralize course

At Auralize, and our sister company Audio Masterclass, we aim to provide education and training that is directly useful to our purchasers and enrolled students.

There is much useful information available on the web. The web is an amazing resource, and the freedoms it provides are a miracle of the late twentieth and the twenty-first century. However it is too much to hope that a web search will bring up a structured series of results that will guide a learner step-by-step through the process of acquiring knowledge, skills and experience.

That's where we come in. Auralize and Audio Masterclass have created a series of courses, available online and for download, that address issues that every home studio or project studio owner faces.

Through our background in audio education since 1981 and our online experience since 2001 we are able to present the information the studio owner needs, leading to enhanced knowledge, enhanced skills, and over time the experience that is necessary to make great recordings.

Audio first

One of our founding principles is 'Audio First'. This means that everything centers around actual results - what you hear, what a professional industry client hears, what the people who stream and buy your recordings hear.

So it doesn't matter which DAW you own, which microphones, which preamps. What matters is the end result. And in truth, software and equipment doesn't make that much of a difference (as long as it is of professional quality of course). What does make a huge difference is a thorough knowledge and understanding of professional audio techniques that work with any software and equipment.

So what we see as key in all of our courses are audio examples. We show you through listening what the various processes of audio can do, how things can go wrong, and how to get better results than you could without the knowledge and skills we provide.

In support of that, the high-level courses of Audio Masterclass present detailed explanations at a level that you would expect on a university degree course. Audio Masterclass is most definitely not 'spoon-fed learning'. You're going to have to put the work in yourself to develop the necessary deep understanding. But the information you need, with audio examples, are all there.

Auralize takes a slightly different view. We recognize that many people want to learn through the medium of video. Sometimes is hard to take in information from text on a page, and the more natural flow of video can work better for many people.

But we don't do video like you normally see on YouTube...

We never use a presenter on-camera. We don't see how this adds any extra value when the screen space could be better used for other things.

Also, all of our videos are scripted. We write the script first, edit it to as close to perfection as we can get, then create the audio examples, then create the video and commentary.

So unlike many YouTube videos that are unfocused and wandering, Auralize videos are very direct and to-the-point. You'll learn faster, and more efficiently.

Tutor support

All of our courses have tutor support. With Auralize courses, you can ask our Student Advice Team about any of the course topics. With Audio Masterclass courses, you can have your work for the practical assignment projects commented on and assessed, leading to an Audio Masterclass certificate on successful completion.


We have massive experience in audio education and training since 1986, and experience of online distance learning since 2001. We are very confident that our courses will help propel you rapidly towards the professional results you desire.


All of our courses have a 30-day full-refund guarantee. If you don't find your course suitable for your needs, for any reason or no reason at all, just let us know and we will refund all of your money.